Brand: Edgar Berebi
Product Code: 8294
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Brand: Edgar Berebi
Collection: Americana
Style: Ornamental
Product Type: Cabinet Pulls
Item Name: Americana Pull 8294

SKU: 8294
Finish: Museum Gold Plate
Drill Centers: 5'' (127 mm)

All Edgar Berebi items are custom made to order which means that they require a lead time of 4-6 weeks and are generally non-returnable except in cases of manufacturer defect. Edgar Berebi will also customize pieces on request and for an additional fee, creating them with unique finish and/or crystal combinations. If you are interested in customization, please be in touch with our customer service.

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Collection Americana
Drill Centers 5'' (127 mm)
Drill Centers Range 5
Finish Vintage Pewter
Price Range $100 - $300
Style Ornamental