Brand: Myterra Gemstone Hardware
Product Code: C4-AMET
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Brand: Myterra Gemstone Hardware

Style: Expressions, Arts and Crafts, Whimsical
Product Type: Cabinet Hardware - Pulls & Handles
Item Name: Myterra Gemstone Amethyst 4" Cabinet Pull

Unique cabinet & furniture knobs bejeweled with gem & mineral stones from all over the world, each a unique creation of Earth's art with natural variations in pattern and hue. 35MM Sphere in  Amethyst is a quartz gem with trace amounts of iron or manganese that vary colors from dark purples to delicate lavenders.

Available in different gemstones and finishes.

Each knob comes with two 1 inch screws.  

Clean with water & mild soap only, no chemicals.


Product Dimensions:

Drill Centers: 4'' (101.6 mm)

Length: 3/4-Inch finger grip

Height: 1-3/4-Inch

Width: 1-3/8-Inch

Diameter of Stone Sphere: 1-3/8-Inch


Drill Centers 4'' (102 mm)
Drill Centers Range 4
Length 3/4'' (19 mm)
Price Range $30 - $100
Style Whimsical
Width 1-3/8''