Brand: Myterra Gemstone Hardware
Product Code: C4-AMON
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Brand: Myterra Gemstone Hardware
Style: Expressions, Arts and Crafts, Whimsical
Product Type: Cabinet Hardware - Pulls & Handles
Item Name: Myterra Gemstone Ammonite 4" Cabinet Pull

Unique cabinet & furniture knobs bejeweled with gem & mineral stones from all over the world, each a unique creation of Earth's art with natural variations in pattern and hue. Ammonite's from Madagascar are fossils cut in half and polished. No two are alike. These molluscs are from the Cretaceous period on Earth. 45mm to 55mm long

Available in different gemstones and finishes.

Each knob comes with two 1 inch screws.  

Clean with water & mild soap only, no chemicals.


Product Dimensions:

Drill Centers: 4'' (101.6 mm)

Length: 3/4'' (101.6 mm) finger grip

Height: 1-3/4'' (101.6 mm)

Width: 1-1/4'' (101.6 mm)

Fossils are 45mm - 55mm long


Drill Centers 4'' (102 mm)
Drill Centers Range 4
Length 3/4'' (19 mm)
Price Range $30 - $100
Style Whimsical
Width 1-1/4''